Everywhere Tech seeks to facilitate open source technology transfer through four main activities: the maintenance of the Everywhere Tech Map, the development of an Open Source Technology Transfer Protocol, the development of the IP Rescue Program, and by providing consulting services to organizations wishing to implement the protocol and launch pilot projects.

The Everywhere Tech Map

The Everywhere Tech Map is a crowdsourced effort to map out real hardware needs and match them to relevant open source hardware projects. Please help us identify both needs and projects by adding them to the map.

The Open Source Technology Transfer Protocol

In order to facilitate Open Source Technology Transfer we’re currently collaborating with other organizations to develop a protocol to address the various challenges of efficient knowledge sharing.

The IP Rescue Program

In a world where patents and copyrights have become numerous, vague and obscure, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between public domain, fair use, open source and proprietary components, all of which can coexist in a single device. As Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine point out, this legal tangle hinders innovation and makes it extremely hard for developers to improve or create something new without violating some “obscure patent.” Additionally, there is a large number of projects out in the public that have not been clearly licensed (but may be unpatentable), or that are legally in the public domain but for which the actual knowledge has been lost. Everywhere Tech seeks to address these problems through our IP Rescue Program.

Consulting Services

Everywhere Tech is committed to assisting organizations in the practical implementation of the open source documentation standards, technology transfer protocol, IP rescue program, and in the execution of pilot projects.